Let’s see 10 good reasons to hire a cleaning company

We have solutions adapted to your needs and those of your house in terms of cleanliness in the city and the surroundings. In Connect Cleaners, we work so that you enjoy a flexible performance, with the quality you really want for your home, in the most comfortable, simple and without the commitment to stay. In Connect Cleaners we are not intermediaries. Forget about those companies that offer you a worker without the necessary legal guarantees. We have a staff of own employees, regulated and registered in the General Social Security Scheme and backed by a Civil Liability Insurance. Without having to waste a single second in procedures and contracts, you can count on the best domestic service in Barcelona. When hiring a cleaning company at home, put yourself in the hands of true professionals to ensure the peace you need in your home.

Let us see why to hire Connect Cleaners:

Saves a lot of time through Connect Cleaners:

Nowadays the pace is getting more and more frenetic, and finding a hole in the agenda for cleaning is quite complicated. By hiring a cleaning company you can dedicate yourself to the activities that you most like, investing your time to be with your family and friends. Have fun with the children, train, read and enjoy while the best professionals take care of you.

Health & Wellness

According to the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO):

A healthy environment is the basis of health in the population. Annually, 4.3 million people die prematurely from diseases attributable to indoor air pollution caused by the use of inefficient solid fuels for cooking. To prevent serious pathologies, it is necessary to perform a periodic cleaning that eliminates germs and harmful bacteria that give rise to reactions as common as allergies to dust and asthma. Who is better than a Connect Cleaners with years of experience to their backs to perform this task and to ensure a harmonious and safe space for our health?


The employees are selected and continuously trained by the cleaning company to know at all times what kind of work and products your home or business needs. In addition, we are not only talking about removing dust but a wide range of services adaptable to any need: disinfection, polishing, and polishing of floors, grease removal, stain treatment and much more. Every company works so that its name becomes synonymous with quality and it is increasingly common to find among its corporate information the seal of the quality certificates that have been granted to it.

Environmental commitment

According to a WHO report, “environmental pollution causes 1, 7 million infant deaths every year.” This is due to the lack of hygiene and sanitation and we must all contribute our grain of sand. In the case of cleaning companies, the reduction of environmental risks is a priority and the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications indicate a strong commitment to sustainable development and the prevention of pollution. This translates into the use of special cleaning equipment that saves water and biodegradable or recyclable materials. Also, the waste is placed in separate bags that will be deposited in the corresponding public container.

Satisfaction guarantee

The cleaning companies will not terminate the work until you are satisfied with the service contracted. Before its completion, it is followed up and a supervisor makes sure that the employee has complied with both the schedule and the cleaning requested. In case of possible incidents, the supervisor offers a sudden solution that prevents future errors and that will make you want to hire the service again.


The cleaning companies have a civil liability insurance that covers the possible damages caused to third parties in the performance of the work activity. Also, the company is responsible for managing all legal procedures so you do not have to worry about anything: definition of the contract, payments to social security, insurance contracting, holiday management and possible casualties.

Good value for money

If you set about doing accounts, you will see that hiring a cleaning service for your home, office or community is more profitable in the long term. Not only do you save time, but you also avoid having to buy specific products and machinery. Companies in the sector have more powerful professional tools that ensure a fast and affordable service for all budgets.

Comprehensive and auxiliary services

In general, cleaning companies provide a global service that is not limited simply to cleaning the home, but also includes the care and maintenance of offices, neighborhood communities, commercial premises, public buildings and industries. In other words, they provide their customers with the assurance that any type of installation works correctly and is safe for its occupants. Many times this requires offering a series of comprehensive services such as counseling, gardening or pool cleaning.

In the absence of a staff formed in these areas, the company subcontracts the remaining personnel to another company. The same happens when the maintenance of the installation involves actions outside of the main offer of the company. These are considered ancillary services and may include pest control, pipe unblocking, cleaning toilets and lighting arrangement. All added value to take into account.

Custom plans

On average, a satisfied customer will tell 3 people, while a dissatisfied customer will tell more than 20. 91% of them simply decide to leave and never come back. Therefore it is essential to offer a personalized and close treatment that allows customer loyalty. Since each client is a world, the action plan is planned and studied in detail. The cleaning companies know how to assess every need and, above all, they care about knowing the opinion and the level of satisfaction of their customers.


For all the above, it is essential to create a relationship of trust with the customer. Connect Cleaners allow the customers to send ratings and comments. They also offer total control over the contracted service. And how do they do it? Once you have chosen the company, you will be able to know at all times what tasks have been carried out, when the service has been charged and access your invoices with a single click at Connect Cleaners.

Hire Jordan Donich for the Best Defense against Financial Crimes and Sexual Assaults

Are you looking for the best attorneys for your financial cases? Donich Law presents the best option for the clients in the form of Jordan Donich. He is an active and dedicated member of DONICH LAW working as a specialist. He is among the top rated lawyers providing the successful assistance to the clients in different fields. Legal fields covered by him are given here.

  • Sex offenses.
  • Financial crimes.
  • Impaired driving.
  • Domestic assaults.

People who need best assistance to handle the financial crime cases are suggested to contact him as soon as possible in order to get the best solutions. Here are some reasons why you should choose him.

An enthusiastic professional:
He is very famous in the Canadian Legal Fields. Nowadays, he is providing assistance at public level. He has been offering services as a commentator at 680 News, Metro News, City News, CTV, McLeans Magazine and CBC News. He has also worked with Thomson Reuters (one of the most valuable sources offering rating and ranking information of journals and other publishing sources). He has also appeared on Toronto Star as well as Law Times as an expert working for the Legal Team of Media.

Perfect technical knowledge of associated cases:
Jordan is famous for the keen knowledge about the fields closely associated with sex assaults and crimes. For example, you can hire his expert service for the cases where internet crime is involved. People facing threats by a suspicious person on different online platforms such as Twitter and Facebook should not forget to use the right to file a case using cyber crime act. Jordan Donich knows how to utilize the sections of this act in order to defend the clients in a better way. You are suggested to take full advantage of his specialties and expertise in order to get rid of troubles.

Case history or profile of J. Donich:
Jordan has a prominent professional history. He has been associated with prominent groups and organizations. On the other hand, he has an honor to fight for the groups such as Scotiabank, CIBC, Investors Group, Paralegals, Canada Pension Plan and TTC. Experience and recognition gained from these cases makes the Jordan Donich more attractive for people who want to claim their basic rights. Employees of different groups looking for justice should immediately contact with him in order to find best solutions.

A great sexual assault attorney:
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