An experienced and licensed crew of pest controllers

Crawling insect pests
We eliminate pests of cockroaches, bed bugs and ants wherever you need them. Within this category, we can find mostly cockroaches, bed bugs and ants, these being the most common pests that users can face. In this section, the most common crawling insects are named, protagonists of the most common problems of our clients; all of them, have a common characteristic, the non-possibility of flying or making aerial displacements; not being able to make them, or making them with very little capacity. We are an experienced and licensed crew of pest controllers.

Our team of experts in pest control solves problems caused by cockroach pests as we are an experienced and licensed crew of pest controllers.

An experienced and licensed crew of pest controllers – fumigation of pests
Discovering a plague of cockroaches at home, or in their facilities, often causes great concern, not only because of the image that is offered but especially for health reasons. The cockroaches along with their droppings, can cause diseases such as hepatitis, dysentery, gastroenteritis and promote the onset of respiratory diseases, such as asthma, being also carriers of a multitude of bacteria. Therefore before the appearance of a plague of cockroaches, it is important to act quickly and begin treatment for its extermination as soon as possible. This is done by an experienced and licensed crew of pest controllers.

To eliminate cockroaches and due to its great resistance, it will be necessary to use a professional treatment of pest control, being able to be based on a gel, or combining the effects of the gel with those of fumigation, making our pest disappear quickly. An experienced and licensed crew of pest controllers carries out disinsection treatments capable of exterminating cockroach pests forever, with total security and guarantee. The experience of our staff makes the applied treatment, always the one that best adapts to the needs and characteristics of each place, and type of cockroach.

The cockroaches, especially feed on waste that can accumulate in the facilities. They nest normally and depending on the species, in dark, warm and humid the most frequent areas where they can find the food that will facilitate their development kitchens and bathrooms, being a type of pest that reproduces very quickly if not tries. Sometimes, they can cause electrical short circuits if they nest inside our appliances. They can also nest in cool and dark places, such as cellars, basements, drains, and sewers. The biggest activity of the cockroaches is carried out at night since they are nocturnal insects.

Prevention against cockroach pests by an experienced and licensed crew of pest controllers
In addition to the work of fumigating cockroaches or the treatment that is carried out, an experienced and licensed crew of pest controllers will carry out some actions and give you some advice to reduce the future appearance of these insects:

  • Seal cracks or cover holes that cockroaches can use as access to our home or business.
  • Maintain good hygiene and cleanliness in conflict zones, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms …
  • The garbage cans should always have a lid, to avoid that the cockroaches can feed on the material that we have discarded.
  • Monitor the accumulations of water.

Contact us and we will make a personalized budget along with the appropriate recommendations to eliminate your cockroach pest, ask for a budget without the commitment to getting the most effective service, and at the best price, of exterminating cockroaches. An experienced and licensed crew of pest controllers is aware of all types of pests that eradicate them. But there is always a type of plague that is generally more difficult to exterminate and is always present at all times of the year: the plagues of cockroaches.

Cockroaches raise more than one headache where they are installed and do not usually do it in small groups, they are one of the most “hated” insects by all and it is always necessary to control the pest before it goes over, but not all the professionals and the products are efficient, for that we need a company specialized in pest control such as us, a company that has been fighting cockroaches all over for 20. We know the quickest and least harmful way to exterminate this annoying plague.

An experienced and licensed crew of pest controllers has the best products against cockroach pests for their capture and disposal. At us the first thing is the client and their home, so we use only the best products. The cockroach plagues do not understand seasons or parts of the house, it can appear anywhere in your home, although it is most likely that the plague that originates in your kitchen, but that is what our pest experts are going to detect. Quickly the origin of the plague and will be responsible for exterminating it and its disinsection in the shortest possible time.

Prevention and control
In this case, many of the recommendations and advice included in the integrated pest control tab are applicable.

  • Conditioned by its small size and prodigious agility, prevention against mice is fundamentally based on:
  • Supervise the status of goods and materials that are introduced (possible introduction of copies).
  • Repair, seal all those cracks fissure-pass tubes, etc. that could allow the access of these small animals.
  • Extreme care in the storage of food, a frequent favorite target of these rodents

Once detected, the presence of mice in housing and human use should not be tolerated, which requires efficient control. Many infestations are not adequately controlled because the true importance of this is disabled, which often requires the action of experts in pest control.

In addition to the environmental management measures, the punctual use of rodenticide biocides is used by an experienced and licensed crew of pest controllers which is necessary. These products, analogous to those used as rodenticides, are normally applied as baits that, when consumed by the rodent, because their painless death days later due to failure in blood coagulation. Obviously, this type of bait must be kept out of reach of people animals and prevent contamination of surface water wells, etc.