Car fans, an element of the cooling system

It is responsible for transforming the heat produced in the combustion of diesel fuel or gasoline explosion in the driving force that causes the vehicle to move. The automakers have thought a lot about how to create a car that would be easily in urban traffic and would not need a large space for manoeuvres and parking. Smart cars came to light thanks to the engineers of the famous car manufacturer Daimler Chrysler. The first Smart car appeared on the market in the fall of 1998 and was available at 1956 nash metropolitan. Currently, such a car is possible to buy in many car showrooms.

A mishap with the car can touch anyone, so it is important to have good insurance, effective security measures and have information before any eventuality. When we have an accident at the wheel, one of the assumptions in which we can find is that the insurance declares the car damaged. A damaged car is considered to be one whose repair exceeds the value for which it is insured. That is if the car is assessed by the insurance at € 100 and the repair after an accident costs € 150 it is considered a damaged car. Look for 1956 nash metropolitan! It can happen when the car has been stolen and does not appear, or when it has suffered an accident that has left it unrecoverable. This assumption is reflected in the policy of our insurance as “total loss of the vehicle” and the contract will determine the conditions to declare the car damaged, as well as the compensation we will obtain for it.

The conditions depend on each specific insurance, but range between the value to be overcome is between 75% or 100% and the driver is guilty or victim. On the other hand, the compensation for a damaged car is usually the value for which the car is insured less the valuation of the scrap or the recoverable parts of the vehicle, the pending receipts and the franchise. And the extra accessories with which the vehicle will count are added. The amount for which the car is insured also depends on the policy, the seniority and the new, improved venal and venal value.

For large cities and metropolitan areas with their traffic, constant traffic jams and lack of parking spaces, this car is simply the perfect gift. That’s why on the streets of the city more and more often you can see a Smart car. The factory equipment of these cars affects the human imagination – all kinds of security, onboard computer, automatic gearbox, air conditioning, electric windows and much more, all this is the Smart car. And with such wealth, its price does not seem exorbitant, which suggests the imminent replacement of the monster with the high cost of gasoline and the dimensions by a crumb of bread. Have a look at the 1956 nash metropolitan.

Smart was rapidly gaining popularity among those passionate about comfort, safety and manoeuvrability. All the models have pretty good equipment, and the low centre of gravity reduces the risk of tipping the car to a minimum. In addition, cars of this brand are equipped with the most modern means of safety, which is extremely important for small cars. The maintenance of these cars is not expensive. But the spare parts, if it is necessary to replace, in any case, must be reliable. In our online store, you will find all the necessary details for your car, from mirrors to the silencer. We have the most reasonable prices and short delivery times.

This1956 nash metropolitan process that takes place inside the engine and that makes the car work has a logical reaction: the increase in temperature. To control this, all vehicles incorporate a cooling system that regulates the degrees to which the engine is located and which is responsible for cooling it when the temperature rises. The radiator is one of the most important elements of this system and its main function is to avoid overheating the engine. Inside the radiator, there is a network of tubes through which circulates a coolant that keeps the engine at the right temperature.

Behind the radiators that incorporate all the vehicles is an additional safety element: the car fans. This, in turn, helps to reduce the temperature of the radiator by sucking the air and maintaining a continuous flow. The fans of the car are also essential for the proper functioning of the same and are only activated when the coolant exceeds the outside temperature. Some vehicles incorporate up to two car fans to ensure safety.

How to act in the event of a failure in the car’s fan

If the car’s fan breaks down, the engine may overheat. Detecting a fault is simple, we must simply pay attention to the noises, temperature or the sneak that tells us the degrees to which the coolant is located. The motor that causes the electric car’s fan to be activated works through a thermostatic or ignition switch. The thermostat is activated when the coolant temperature rises above normal and turns off when cooled again.

If we want to corroborate that the fan works, we must listen and pay attention to the temperature indicator. In case of detecting any signs of overheating it is advisable to stop and do a check. If a fault is detected, it is probably due to an error in one of the components of the radiator fan: fan, switch or relay.

To replace the fan motor, in case the fault is here, disconnect the battery and remove the wiring or disconnect the plug. When separating the components you have to clean the pieces that we are going to reuse with a degreasing liquid. To assemble the spare motor we have to check the connection of the cables with the battery, connecting the positive and negative in the right place. If the fault is not in the fan motor or it is difficult to replace it, it is best to change the car’s fan completely to ensure proper operation.