Clash Of Clans – The New Way To Strategize

The video games in the world were limited to a leisure activity for kids and teenager alike, to take a break from their regular hectic life. With the introduction of the internet, the ‘Learn while having fun’ concept has taken precedence and the educational institutes, too, have incorporated the same in their curriculum. ‘Clash of Clans’ is one of the online games that work on the same principle. It is a strategy based game where each player learns about the importance of understanding the management of a situation by handling multiple aspects inside the game. The user has to build up their own clan and make sure that they are well trained and capable of attacking fellow clans by preparing a well laid out plans that include-

  • Management of the financial belongings
  • Using the finances wisely to build up the army
  • Making an effective army and making sure that the residents and the army are well equipped and trained.
  • Building defense of their own clan
  • Attack fellow clan players to increase own funds
  • Creation of gold minds to keep restocking their currency
  • Regular updating their own troops

Main aspects of the game

This is a multiplayer game where 5 users come together to run a clan. It is an MMO (massively multiplayer online) based game that falls under the category of freemium i.e. the game in total is free but there could be some purchases that can be made if necessary to boost up the possession.

The first and foremost step is to build a clan with the initial amount of resources provided in the game. Since in the beginning, the army is weak and cannot tackle the multiplayer teams that have been playing the game from much before, there is an option to attack the neighboring clans to increase your possession.

The other option consists of attacking the other clans to acquire their resources and money to fill up one’s own repository. This enables the user to build stronger defenses and upgrade the army with stronger warriors. It also ensures that the user can build more gold mines or elixir (terms used in the game) to fill up their vacant banks.

All the aforementioned tasks are to be done with care as a loss of a battle could lead to complete army destruction and therefore, rebuilding of the clan. The resources have to be used wisely too as over expenditure could lead the user to a point of negligible monetary possession and a weaker clan.

The purpose everything stated above is done is to challenge other clans to a war. Each clan has a leader and a co-leader (chosen amongst those 5 users) that can initiate a war. The game provides them a day of war preparation as well as a day to fight the war. This, in turn, gets player the stars (another jargon in the game) and the team with the most number of stars towards the end of the war is declared to be the winner. The teams, however, can attack only twice throughout the day and lest the position of a stalemate through star system arises, the team that has been on the receiving end in terms of greater damage loses the war.

Cheat codes usage

Every program has a glitch and every person loves to take the advantage of it and this game is no different as there are websites that provide the user with cheat codes that can be used to uplift their gaming standards by helping them replenish their resource library. Their resource generator is a good source to increase elixir and gems of the user and once consumed, cannot be taken back by the central authorities of the game.

The websites ensure that a large and smart amount of work is invested in building up of the website to make it user-friendly. The clan owners can easily put down their playing name and platforms to acquire a significant amount of wealth. The websites also come with an instruction guide the player can read and understand before proceeding to the actual process.

Some websites also have the facility to provide the user with the video tutorial that can be used to understand the process. The whole video explains to them the process alongside showing the actualized usage of the codes to acquire the wealth.

There is, however, rules on the amount of usage to the codes as a continual irregularity can be detected by the central bots that could eventually lead to a disqualification of the player from the community. The main server also has the anti-cheat system to monitor such activities. But with smart procedures introduced by their website, their activity is hard to detect.

Although, the websites providing these codes also come with a verification system to discriminate between a computer request and a human request. This enables the site to the trouble of sorting out and in a way, let the users make use of the facility swiftly.

System Requirements

The game isn’t accessible to any smartphone user as owing to the size and architecture of the game, there are requirements that need to be fulfilled by the user in order to enjoy the experience.

  • Only the users with an Android version of 4.0.3 or the ones introduced later can have the game running on their phones
  • Since the game has been developed to give the user the best experience on display and avoid any glitches, a resolution of 800 x 480 or better is an essential requirement
  • The game takes up a lot of data on the phone and subsequently, a memory space of 512 MB at minimum is an essential requirement
  • The most generic requirement is the access to the application portal on the phone to allow the download and regular upgradation of the game

The Clash of Clan is a game that has seen a tremendous reaction from the gamers and has been acquiring a cult status. The details of it can be further found on https://www.steemit/ by any new or existing user to update themselves with any latest development of the game.