Factors to be considered when buying a tankless water heater

We tend to use our water heaters every day. We depend on them for hot water to perform different functions. There are so many people who have done mistakes when buying tankless water heaters because they probably did not know factors they should have considered when looking for the best tankless water heater. There are different metrics that each and everyone who would wish to install a tankless water heater must understand. The reason why we end up with so many breakdowns is that we do not pay much attention to what is to be considered. To make the best choice, there are things that you should always consider. Without being careful with these things you will end up with results that are not good at all. Below are some of the things that should be considered when buying a tankless water heater

The price

Different tankless water heaters have different price quotation. The different price quotation will depend on the manufacturer or the store from which you are buying the tankless water heater. Before you think of looking for a tankless water heater, you should come up with a budget. Decide on the amount of money that you are willing to spend. Have a range and have an extra that you would love to use. After the budget, look for a tank that is within your budget range. Choose a water heater that you will be able to pay for without struggling and straining. That said, if you have a budget, stick to it and make sure that the budget you have set is not strenuous at all.


There are different brands of tankless water heaters. There are those brands that existed since long ago and those ones that have just come up. Some brands are popular and some are not. You should be very careful when you are choosing a brand for your best tankless water heater. At least make sure that the brand is well-recognized. Also, make sure that the brand is popular. That is the only way to know that there will be no problems to face with your tankless water heater.

The size of the household

This, in fact, is a major factor that should be considered when buying a tankless water heater. If you have a big household, there is a possibility that you will need to install at least two water heaters for a constant supply of water. To some households, they require more than two for efficiency and for proper supply of hot water. That is to save on the energy used.

The type of tankless water heater

There are two types of tankless water heaters. There are the gas and the electric water heater. Each one of them has its benefits and disadvantages. So many prefer the electric water heaters because they are cheaper to install than the gas tankless water heaters. Either way, look for a water heater that you know is right for you depending on your needs.

The size

Size is also not to be overlooked. To know the size of the tankless water heater that you need, you will have to dwell on some useful research. On your research, attach each size with the flow rate. The flow rate should be measured in gallons per minute. When researching on the flow of water, consider things such as the dishwashers, washing machines and the showers that you are likely to be running at the same time. After you have known what the required flow to suit all your activities is, you will definitely understand the size of the tankless water heater that you will need. The temperature will also determine the size of the water heater that you will be needing. Find a unit that will be able to produce the temperature that you desire for your hot water.


You need to check on the warranty terms of different tankless water heaters before you make your buying decisions. A tankless water heater without a warranty is not the right one for you. What if something comes up? You need to be assured that in case of anything, you will be able to seek help from the manufacturer. Therefore, before you make any purchase, find out about the warranty information. Even after finding out the warranty details, read them carefully just to make sure that they are favorable.


Energy efficiency is to be considered especially when you are an expense minded person. It is true that there are standards that are set by manufacturers but when you look carefully, you will discover that some water heaters are more energy efficient than the others. For that, consider looking for a water heater that is likely to save more energy and more money.


There are so many factors to be considered when buying a tankless water heater. Although tankless water heaters are still the best and are becoming popular, there are specific specifications and considerations that vary depending on what a person wants. Always take your time and look for a system and water heater that will serve you according to your needs. For that to be possible, you should be checking on the cost, energy efficiency, the warranty, the size, the types of water heater and the size of the household that the water heater is going to serve. It is only through the factors that you will find the best tankless water heater.