Reducing the Tolerance and Wobbling of Kratom After Use

The tolerance of kratom is what you should look out for when you are going through the list of verified kratom vendors and before you decide which one to purchase from. This is what will ensure that you get the maximum medicinal effects of your purchase. Besides having to take less of the kratom, there are things which you can do to ensure that the tolerance is low.

  • Strain rotation: There are several users of kratom who have found the rotation of the strain they get from the best list of verified kratom vendors to be the best way of ensuring that they keep fresh the kratom medicinal effect. When you tend to use a specific strain for a very long time, there is a way you will develop tolerance to its alkaloid specific profile. But when you try to switch various strains regularly, it makes the alkaloid levels to remain stable enough to enable you to develop to its specific effects of tolerance.
    • How to do it
      • Rotation through vein color: it involves using different types of vein colors alternatively.
      • Rotation through effects: It is a method which involves using different types of strains

When you utilize these methods, you will be able to ensure that, the profiles of the alkaloids are varied on different days or certain periods of time. This will ensure that the tolerance is kept at bay for a very long time.

To further reduce the tolerance, stem and vein kratom is used to substitute your regular kratom due to the fact that, its alkaloid profile tends to be different from that of plain leaf.

Although using the above technique to its maximum will require you to use at least 3 types of strains, the method can still work with 2 varieties.

  • Supplementation: Supplementing tolerance reduction can be also be done through:
    • Exercise: Exercise through a very effective way to deal with reducing tolerance, it seems to be ignored by most users. Its effect on tolerance reduction is cumulative which means that the more you do the exercise, the more you will be in shape and the less tolerance you will be able to develop which are the potentiate effects of the kratom medicines.
  • Magnesium: To reduce kratom tolerance, you can utilize magnesium supplements. This is due to its low NMDA antagonist effects. It is the one which helps in regulating how the body and the brain react to the exposure to these compounds.

The wobbles

This refers to a term which those using kratom give to the most prominent side effect of kratom. They are defined as having difficulty in refocusing the eyes at a certain point without the annoyance and the strain. It is an effect which can lead to nausea and headaches.

The wobbies are more than just an annoyance since when you are having them, you cannot operate heavy machinery or drive as it is very dangerous and you should never dare.

How to avoid the Wobbles

The best way to avoid the wobbles is by ensuring that you keep the dosage of the kratom to a minimum, below the threshold of side effects. It is a threshold which varies between plants and strains. The under 5 grams could be the best dosage to enable you to prevent the wobbles, although, at times, there are exceptions to this rule.

Being able to combat the wobbles

While there is not enough information in regard to dealing with wobbles, there are some things which can be able to help in the entire process.

  • Carbonated drinks:While it wouldn’t completely get rid of the wobbling effect, it will be able to speed up its digestion and thus, allowing the symptoms to be able to pass as fast as possible
  • Activated Charcoal: It is a supplement which could be one of the most effective ways of being able to get rid of wobbles. This method works by absorbing part of the alkaloids which are causing the wobbling. This will negate the effects completely.

Things to know about kratom strain in relation to tolerance reduction

Due to the kratom being found in various breeding and regions, it has made it be found in various strains, which can have different tolerance effects on the user. The three effects categories can divide the strain into:

  • Moderate
  • Sedating
  • Stimulating

You will have to note that, every plant which is available in each strain is likely to vary and that is why the analysis might vary from strain to strain.

  • Stimulating strains:They are some of the most desirable strains in the market especially if you suffer from lethargy or fatigue. It is believed to sustain energy and focus for a long duration of time.
  • Sedating strains: They don’t have the stimulating alkaloids but they contain a large amount of pain-relieving alkaloids due to the presence of large concentrations of the 7-hydroxymitragynine. They have from a long time ago, been used for mood lifting and chronic pain relief.
  • Moderate strains: This tends to be what most people prefer to use on a day to day basis due to the potent which it has and at the same time, has smooth effects. But it might be good to remember that, the interplay between vein types, strain types, growing and breeding conditions are likely to characterize the stimulating or sedating strain. This then affects its tolerance.