Relevant Information On Fortnite Game

Gaming in the world today has taken another level of achievement. Every day new games are introduced with several plots and gameplays especially games with upgrades. There are game fans all over the world both among the young and the old. They all seem to have their preference and reason for playing games. Some play to let off pressure, some do for fun and some others do to stay connected to a particular form of life. It is due to game fans preferences, feedback, and reviews that new games are developed and old ones are made better. All these have brought the fruition of several game developers and also game companies all over the world. Each of them tries to ensure the customers and players are duly satisfied. Well, one of the best game developing companies is Epic game. They have developed several games that have sold around the world even down to rural peasant areas although, for some of their games, you need some deep specifications to maximally utilize the game.

In 2011, the company saw a need to start the development of this new game called fortnite. As the years passed by, they made reasonable progress while they had several challenges as well. Some of those challenges include the switch between unreal engine 3 and unreal engine 4, the change of game style, the introduction of the famous publishing company called Tencent and several other issues. These challenges delayed the progress and caused all sort of hiccups that were encountered during the development. But finally there was a victory and the game was finally introduced officially in 2017. The game was released in two modes; save the world and Battle Royale. Save the world was dropped and had quite millions of players but battle Royale had more players especially when it was introduced to Nintendo.

For both modes, there are different game playing platforms that are most available for them and they differ. Some of the platforms include PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo and several others. Fortnite released the game title in 2017 and while epic games promised to make the game available for every fan to play in 2018 and this will be a platform to receive reasonable feedback that will go a long way to ensure the game is at its best in the provision of game services. As the years passed, epic game raised unimaginable funds and made reasonable heights financially.

Major Functions In Fortnite Modes

Later as the games began to be played among many persons, it looks like battle Royale had more players involved and raised more revenues than the company has ever recorded especially with invent of Nintendo for Battle Royale. Apart from that, Battle Royale is the most played because it is mostly played as a mobile game whether for iOS or Android smartphones. It is quite important that we understand that both modes are just to separate two distinct functions in the game because as save the world mode deals with a player to environment experience, the battle Royale deals with the player to player experience and the survival to the fittest principle for about a hundred players at once. The modes are as important as the game because of no mode, no game. Generally, the game is all about the destruction of zombies that seems to be disturbing the survival of the players in the quiet zones. The zombie-like hulks are being shot anytime they are in sight just to prevent them from killing the players.

Over the years there is a trend among children that play the game even when the game has been outrightly designed for major adults. It is a major concern since the game involves a bit of violence against zombies and intruding enemies. The violence and shooting have a way of making children begin to think of how to get involved with guns which is a bad trait embedded in their minds. The game is also a distraction so it is important that teachers, tutors, and parents ensure that the children are kept as far away as possible from the game. A session could be organized to educate the students on the dangers of playing the game as young ones. In the midst of all these, fortnite has made reasonable progress financially, economically, graphically and otherwise. The major nominations for fortnite were the Best Coop Game and Best Spectator Game By PC Game and IGN respectively. The awards that fortnite has recorded in recent years are as follows:

  • The Best Multiplayer Category with The Game Award, 2017(nominated)
  • The outstanding visual effects in a Real-Time project with The 16th Visual Effects Society awards, 2017(nominated)
  • The outstanding achievement in online gameplay with D.I.C.E Awards, 2017(nominated)
  • The excellence in multiplayer and gameplay in SXSW gaming awards, 2017(nominated)
  • The best evolving game and best multiplayer with 14th British academy games awards, 2018 (nominated)
  • The people’s voice award for the best multiplayer/competitive game with 2018 webby awards (nominated and won)
  • The best ongoing game with game critics awards, 2018 (nominated and won).
  • The choice video game with 2018 teen choice awards (nominated and won).

Fortnite became popular around the world and year by year its players increased. It has become an online phenomenon and many celebrities play this game as well. Some of the celebrities that associated with fortnite is drake, Travis Scott, Kim dotcom and many others. Epic is also determined to include a soccer feature in the game build. Summarising the fortnite game, it is all about destroying zombies that are disturbing the existence of survivors. Survivors existed as a result of a fluke storm that affected the city and wiped a portion of the countries asset. All these survivors have been able to fortify themselves and protect themselves from intruders.